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Regency Supply press releases and updates

Regency Acquires Electrical Wholesaler AllSale Electric

Regency Lighting Acquires Electrical Wholesaler AllSale Electric in a Move to Provide More Comprehensive Service and Add Greater Value to its Portfolio of Clients  

CHATSWORTH, CA – Regency Lighting is on the move! Over the past thirty years, we have worked hard to develop a culture that is people-centered and values-driven. We are constantly looking for ways to grow both personally and professionally, and the acquisition of AllSale Electric is a significant part of our plan.  

As the lighting world has grown more complex, we have taken on the challenge to “be remarkable by making lighting easy.” We believe that our mission will result in continued growth and continue to separate us from our competition.  

One way for us to make lighting, and business in general, easier for our clients is by extending our product and selling capabilities across the overall electrical and lighting supply chain. In becoming a one-stop-shop, we can bring unparalleled service, expertise and integrity to our clients, and we can grow into new opportunities.  

Specifically, the addition of electrical parts, materials, and gear to our lighting services translates into opportunity for our new construction and retrofits offerings. On top of potential revenue growth, we feel this move to a one-stop shop will lead to heightened value for our customers. Regency’s proven track record of excellence in lighting design, client relationships, quality customer service and reliable logistics will empower the success of this strategy as we assimilate AllSale into the “Regency Way.”  

We believe that this will open significant opportunities for our clients, our partners and our employees. Stay tuned for more information regarding AllSale and Regency’s foray into Electrical Distribution.


About Regency Lighting

Regency Lighting is a national lighting distributor committed to providing world-class solutions with the expertise to help our clients easily navigate this complex and rapidly changing industry. With over 30 years of experience, and six warehouses located in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, and San Francisco, we strive to deliver unparalleled service for our customers. Our offering spans a full range of lighting services, including Replacement Products, New Construction Services, Design Consulting, Turnkey Retrofits, Maintenance Services, and Recycling Services. For more information, please visit www.regencylighting.com. 

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